eLance review from true experience over the last 10 years with SEO and design.

So everyone is busy and looking for the best place to outsource the work of the either SEO or web design. Alot of great places like eLance and even Guru.com is pretty good.

What about the pitfalls or downfalls of these type of services? Sometimes with a budget is tight or your knowledge base is geared towards other avenues of business. So, off you go to hire a consultant. In a nutshell I review what I have learned from working with eLance.com and also Guru.com but if I have to lean towards one to work with then hands down eLance.

Review the 6 minute video and SAVE $$$$. Trust my 10 years of experience, I practice what I preach!

Love to have some comments on either YouTube or this blog. Share your own stories!

Knowledge is power and as always BEST OF RANKINGS!

Paul Wallace

PSĀ  – To my co-workers, yes, I am indeed dress informal but the knowledge is worth it :)

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