Simple Post – If you do not understand CONVERSIONS then quit selling SEO

Okay, vague post but folks have been teasing me that I have not written anything in awhile.

I am involved currently in a huge project and sucks alot of time during the week and of course the weekend….I’m really geeky and into internet marketing.

The chart below is for PPC but in general all businesses should carry this around like a Bible or something.

Conversions, what does it cost to make a sale or do whatever service you provide.

conversion… how much does it take to run your business?












So mull over this quick post or comment and next month I will be back on my soapbox, boy do I have alot to share!

Best of Rankings,


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2 Responses to Simple Post – If you do not understand CONVERSIONS then quit selling SEO

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  2. Paul. couple of notes

    First, excellent blog, congrats.

    This pyramid only displays conversion at its root for from a line level based on clicks. When measuring phone tracking and form submissions, conversion gets blurred. What is the true ROI is a better metric for a business. We did a study of a pest control company and went into each and every call and figured out what each Job was worth that came through by our PPC efforts. You can see a 10 minute video showing a 10-1 ROI for you review on my site under case studies.

    The reality, is that pure conversion is at best only measured if you have the systems to track cash flow backed up against the tracking.

    but this is a good overall basic picture that you have delivered.


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