#1 Spot on GOOGLE – Plus a Free Set of Steak Knives, but wait there’s more.

I have been in internet marketing for over a decade now. I started way when keyword stuffing was the “hot” thing to do, great, tons of non-targeted target. I guess I was the reason Google was made?

Anyway, almost every day in email or LinkedIn I get the usual claims of for $200 I can be King of internet world. Wow, how can I pass that up?! I mean I do not have to change my coding on my website, produce exciting content or work with obtaining links anymore? Yup, I can be #1 tomorrow for a keyword longer then my college essay.

Folks, if you build it they will come right? Not really but if you provide a GREAT service or product and post it then most of the time they will come. Build CONTENT. I just produce a video series with a client and before we really launched it the traffic was hitting the landing pages we included on the series. Why? It’s stellar content and provides some great information. Plus I used my past knowledge for some killer marketing built-in, insert praise here.

The main problem is doing everything right, making sure your content is SEEN and in some cases HEARD.

Working with a SEO agency like mine we take the time to show your “the ropes”. ┬áThis is not a plug nor do I mention our company. I am just informing you the reader of what really matters, a MESSAGE. Once you have the message is it being circulated on the internet properly? Is your blog setup? Right code or headers on your pages? Links with the right anchor tags?

more crazy seo claims

As Seen On TV SEO Services?

I really believe most businesses starting up with learning SEO or internet marketing should hire someone to set up their advertising avenues CORRECTLY. If I had a nickel for every client or prospect that I have encountered that has been down the wrong path…..well, I can buy more ICED Coffees!

Top Points :

1 – WRITE / Produce Unique CONTENT.

2 – Circulate the content the RIGHT WAY.

3 – Stop with the shortcuts, LEARN SEO/Internet marketing or partner with a company that shows you.

I would love to hear the most blatant claims with a SEO or rankings that you have heard, please comment below.

Best rankings my friends.…send me some steak knives when you reach the top!


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  1. Justin says:

    I just started laughing when I read about …..but wait there’s more!
    You sound like you are selling OxiClean…..by the way….it works.

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