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The boss or work is awful, YOU CHOOSE IT, What about HOPE in the workplace?

I pause tonight to reflect on one message of HOPE I would like to share. My last message about YouTube or video placement for your business reached a audience of 1,305 visitors according to Google. I will resume my best … Continue reading

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The videos are awful and your customers can not find you, close the business up.

So I has talking to a old friend that runs the largest video production company in the Philadelphia, PA area the other day. Great guy and I live next door to him and hard working until all hours of the … Continue reading

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Spammy Facebook Likes will lead to BUYING CUSTOMERS, Eventually.

So you are starting up a new website or social media campaign, finally joined the online world eh? Besides learning how to be effective who are your speaking too? Your company page has 5 Likes on Facebook and most are … Continue reading

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Throw away your LinkedIn account and those leads or job offers? Not really

In my past two years of meeting and always learning key elements of business I have really dug into social media and the powerful connection between marketing and branding. Even beyond the marketing of a widget, social media just for … Continue reading

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What local search really means and why it’s important for ROI and SEM plan.

Okay so everywhere you here about local search and how important it is right? ¬†Why? Ever been travelling and pull out the handy smart phone like a iPhone or Droid? Personally I miss the old bag phones about a decade … Continue reading

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