How to guide for making a website in several easy steps.

Website design for the novice user.

Easy steps to make a website in the Philadelphia area.

Still at this date and year people are stilling researching how to make websites whether for business or pleasure. Constantly I am asked how to do it or if I can do it myself. With so many tools and guides everything these days is point and click that most skills levels of computer users can do it. Here is some of the basic ways to get started.

Buy a domain name – Just go online to and choose the name of the site you want. For SEO pratices include the keywords like paul-philadelphia or or whatever the case.

Hosting – Your website domain name is just a address for Google to point it to the actual website content, files or whatever you are putting on the site, including all your pages. Typically companies like offer hosting for around $20 per month. You will get a log in and passwords. Your domain name needs to be pointed to your hosting account so you update your nameservers to the ones the hosting company will give you.

 HTML Editor – Many different free packages or even versions of Microsoft Word can make webpages. Just click on new file and one of the options will be the HTML files that a website server will read. As well the “advanced” users can go to and get various free or shareware editors.

FTP / File Upload – Some website editors have built in FTP options, but what is FTP? Once you make your files like web pages how do you transfer them to your hosting account? Software like Cute FTP or others is a file transfer software that you send your new files too. Inside your ftp program you either use your IP address from your web hosting account or something like and the hosting password. Inside you should see many directories but the files are placing in the root of the folder called public html.

Of course this is a basic guide but this is enough to get you started and your website online! :)

Any further techy questions leave a comment or review some other posts. Enjoy….and send me your new website address!

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14 Responses to How to guide for making a website in several easy steps.

  1. Jacobs says:

    Great stuff!
    Your domain name needs to be pointed to your hosting account so you update your nameservers to the ones the hosting company will give you.

    can you break that part down for me?
    Thank you for your blog! keep bloggin!

    • For example when you buy a domain name from GoDaddy you will have a Domain Manager screen or login on their site. One the spots is NameServers, for a real easy answer nameservers is the “address” or IP address of your hosting company. For Example to other computers is actually a IP address like However humans do names and the name servers provide name resolution or is a fancy phonebook. Not a easy answer explained or my lack of making it easy. :)

  2. Jacobs says:

    You know how you said facebook allows your page to go up with the more ” Likes” you have? Well – can it be more popular the more blogs I throw my link out there? Like, does google pick that up?


    • Social media since Google Panda update is huge, Likes on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus is a factor in promoting your site. Remember, Google is all about enaging your readers or vistors to your pages/sites. So Likes on Facebook is another great way of spreading your word across the net! Putting links on Blogs and other medias is a great way of promoting your FB page and if you had a website then for SEO it would be great! Avoid spam though, I get about 100+ spammers posting links on my blog per week….I just delete them before they are live.

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