YouTube Tutorial to rank your videos in Top #1 spots and SEO tips.

5 Minute video that gives your ACTION for your videos and true advice to do NOW.

Learn how to take your videos from nowhere to in front of your prospects. This quick video will show you show to transform your videos yourself for YouTube and Google to rank them higher.

Start with the video below and we would welcome any questions and feedback.

Open the door to new business or views on your video on either YouTube or your website. You invested the time to make the videos but who the heck is going to find them?

Follow these tips and you will start to see the rewards fast.

There are some other higher level advanced tips and methods to use as well and just drop a note after you finish doing this tips. Connect with myself personally and would love to share some more insights and advice on LinkedIn


Best Rankings,


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CallBOX SEO Hiring – New Positions for experienced Project Managers within Internet Marketing

Online SEO PPC Marketing Manager

We are a venture backed, rapidly growing technology company based in Philadelphia, PA, looking for a Web Developer who is an expert in SEO, PPC, remarketing and has a track record of success building and optimizing local and national campaigns.  We would prefer experience with Kenshoo and Google Adwords.

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Marketing Director is responsible for developing and executing a clearly defined marketing strategy in a manner that supports consistent lead and revenue growth and enhances brand equity and awareness.

Philadelphia SEO jobs

· Develop and oversee the execution of all marketing programs and initiatives to drive
· sales and profits, including: Traditional and Web based programs.
· Working knowledge of SEM & SEO, display and banner advertising, social media, email marketing, mobile and other related online marketing strategies and tactics.
· Routinely meet and communicate with Sales Management to review and ensure sales results are met through effective marketing implementation and performance tracking.
· Perform regular competitor analysis and present findings and recommendations to the CEO.
· Promote campaigns and activities that increase web presence, visitor traffic, and lead generation.
· Scale existing PPC/CPC program across new product lines
· Maximize company’s Return on ad spend (ROAS)
· SEO to improve company website and brand
· Provide ongoing assessment of marketing, remarketing, branding
· Meet and collaborate with marketing team to develop new marketing programs
· Proficient in CRM databases
· Ability to develop and implement effective business strategies that increase market share and company profitability, advance business planning processes and build strong industry presence for each product category.

· 2-5 years of experience in internet marketing
· Available to work full-time in our Philadelphia office
· Enjoys working in fast-paced, rapidly growing mid-sized company
· Proactive and productive when working independently
· Focused on flawless execution.
· Must have entrepreneurial and innovative DNA, willing to consider the outrageous and respect the pragmatic.
· Ability to handle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.

· $75k – $85k base salary commensurate with experience. Total Compensation $125k as full equity partner, direct reporting to CEO, and health, dental, and vision.

Please be prepared to provide professional references if necessary.

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Best SEO Plugins for WordPress with BEST Results Reviewed

So review the quick 5 minute video for the best Plug-ins that helps with any SEO campaign or plan. Reviewed quickly in the video are the plug-ins listed below, watch out for the authors as there is a flood of look-a-likes or copies.

Promise the video is worth the 5 minutes to help you be a content Wizard!

As promised here is the “top” plug-ins. Keep in mind to update them when needed, WordPress will prompt you automatically.

Social Links by Kareem Sultan

AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget by The AddThis Team

Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachhold

Google Analytics by Ronald Heft

All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert


Many SEO companies or consultants have their favorites or will bicker on for hours. Three avenues are covered with these tools, social sharing, reporting and SEO. We can also help anyone and everyone with their seo services for their own website as well. Anyone and everyone might use something different but these above mentions are what we use and we get RESULTS.

Best of Rankings,


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Top 5 Social Media Problems and of course the FIXES for them.

So again with the social media but with Google and the other engines watching and listening to “Social Signals” this is important. Common mistakes and flaws are listed in this quick 5 minute video and we would love to hear your views and thoughts on it.

View the video below and a outline follows, forgive the no shave today.

1 – Not Responding to Customers – What good is it when a prospects or clients contacts you and you fail to answer them.

2 – Being Inconsistent – Social Media is a marathon, not a sprint.

3 – Not monitoring relevant keywords is WRONG. Setup tools to watch your keywords or interests and BIG help is Google Alerts, great starting point!

4 – Talking at your customers, not talking TO them – Watch your tone and be a real person, not just a company.

5 – One way promotion – Stop preaching or selling, provide value and a two way street of conversion.

LinkedIn with me or drop be a email.

Best Rankings,


Remember to review another website, a work website under construction, Philadelphia marketing company – PA

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New hire’s thoughts on SEO on the 2nd day of internet marketing

So hiring and building more of the teams this week, plenty of training going on.

The simple answer to what SEO means.

So I asked a new hire what he would describe SEO to their family when people ask about the new job. I got a blank look and then a grin with a answer, “Give me a few minutes and I will email you”. Fair enough, 2nd day on the job and already deep within training I could understand being put on the spot. So I thought the email he sent me would “rap up” in a simple way what is SEO and how it helps your website. Keep in mind this is a very simple answer and sometimes myself I tend to dig into SEO way too hard. So here is the simple answer that even my 78yr old mother can understand :)

“Yesterday I started my first day of work at a SEO company. I’ve been eager to learn, and my head is filling up like a sponge!
So far I’ve learned that the main goal of SEO ( search engine optimization) is to make your presence known to search engines, to make your website more relevant and boost up in the rankings. We want the website to be the first link they see when a user is searching for products that you sell, or information that you provide. I’ve learned the main tools for this are content, code, links, and social media.
I first started learning about content. Google and other search engines scan the content in your website to see what is relevant and how valuable it is. This is all based on how much content you have, and what it relates to. The more text and descriptions about your website, the better.
Links are very important as well. If there are other more “authoritative” websites linking to your website, search engines see that and that makes your website more relevant. Links also drive traffic to your website, and are a great way to up your numbers in ranking on Google. Posting links to your website from your blog, social media status, or as comments on other websites is always a good idea.
I’ve always been pretty up to date on social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., But I had no idea of the actual impact that these social media sites have on a website. These are really great tools for brand awareness. You can gain followers, people comment on your posts, and your posts can link to your website and it’s a necessity this day in age to drive traffic to your website.
Today I’m looking forward to learning more about the code part of SEO, site maps, meta titles, alt text and H1 tags and more. I will be sure to write another email explaining everything that I learn today!”

Friends, new or old within the SEO world, change is constant and learning is CONSTANT.

Best Rankings,


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