Basic Business mistakes or blunders that everyone does!

You might giggle or just disgread with post as a “fluff” piece of sorts. These common mistakes hit myself and clients quite a bit…..of course not after we fix them.

Watch this quick 3 minute video and then review the Checklist below.

Okay – Below is the checklist to get your started!


Domain CheckList: _______ _________________

OS:____________                 Mobile: ________      Version:__________

Shopping Cart: Major________ PayPal________ Google Checkout_______

Tested on: Laptop:_______ Iphone:_____ IPad:______ Droid:______

Shopping Cart Test on ALL 4 Devices Above:___________________

Telephone:____________ Voicemail to here?________________

Email:__________________ Email to where:_________________

Google Analytic:_______________ Reports to where:_____________

Tested on FireFox____ Chrome____ Safari____ Explorer______

Install and working of the following plugins:

___________Social Links by Kareem Sultan

__________AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget by The AddThis Team

_________Google XML Sitemaps by Arne Brachhold

_________Google Analytics by Ronald Heft

________All in One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert

____________________ jcwp scroll to top by Jaspreet Chahal

301 Redirect : Y_______NO___________

Social Checkup:

Facebook Page:___________ Cover Made:_____________

Number of Likes:____________ Video Page:____________

Linked to Twitter:____________ Linked in Pinterest:_________

Proper About us with HyperLink:_____________________

Twitter Page:_______________ Background:__________

Number of Followers:___________ Linked to Facebook:______

Proper About us with HyperLink:_____________________

Google + Page:____________________Cover Made:___________

Videos Added? ____________Linked to Twitter:____________

YouTube Page:_____________ Linked to Twitter:____________
Background:________________ Channel Setup:__________

Proper About us with HyperLink:_____________________

Pinterest Page:_____________________

Linked to Facebook______________ Link to Twitter:____________

Blog Page:________________________

Unqiue Content:________Yes or No___________

RSS Feeds Pushing properly:_______________________

LinkinIn Page:_________________________________


Does this site have unique content:____________________

Most of traffic comes from _______________ and _______________

Is this SEO ready______________________

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Top 5 SEO Improvements for NO $ Money with Great Results

For the last few years I have been working with various owners in many fields and analyze their websites. What is frustrating to me is even with companies that are already using a SEO company or consultant still common or basic errors are there.

Why? So much bad information or in-effective methods are still being used. What worked for SEO years, months or even weeks ago may not apply. However these are the most common errors that I typically encounter when first talking with folks.

Review this quick 5 minute video in order to get the right traffic and possible customers to your website today!

Love for you to comment or ask questions. Send me a email directly or whatever you like!

Thanks for watching and best rankings to you!


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Gratitude changes everything – I hope to remember with teachings from The Law Of Attraction

A video I put together as I have been studying The Secret and The Law of Attraction teachings. The object is to put some token in your life to remind you of the great things you ALREADY have in your life.

5 or 6 minutes…..give it a view! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I promise to get back to my techy videos I usually do but I felt this was worth it…..I hope everyone gets it :)

Thanks – Paul

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eLance review from true experience over the last 10 years with SEO and design.

So everyone is busy and looking for the best place to outsource the work of the either SEO or web design. Alot of great places like eLance and even is pretty good.

What about the pitfalls or downfalls of these type of services? Sometimes with a budget is tight or your knowledge base is geared towards other avenues of business. So, off you go to hire a consultant. In a nutshell I review what I have learned from working with and also but if I have to lean towards one to work with then hands down eLance.

Review the 6 minute video and SAVE $$$$. Trust my 10 years of experience, I practice what I preach!

Love to have some comments on either YouTube or this blog. Share your own stories!

Knowledge is power and as always BEST OF RANKINGS!

Paul Wallace

PS  – To my co-workers, yes, I am indeed dress informal but the knowledge is worth it :)

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Simple Post – If you do not understand CONVERSIONS then quit selling SEO

Okay, vague post but folks have been teasing me that I have not written anything in awhile.

I am involved currently in a huge project and sucks alot of time during the week and of course the weekend….I’m really geeky and into internet marketing.

The chart below is for PPC but in general all businesses should carry this around like a Bible or something.

Conversions, what does it cost to make a sale or do whatever service you provide.

conversion… how much does it take to run your business?












So mull over this quick post or comment and next month I will be back on my soapbox, boy do I have alot to share!

Best of Rankings,


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